About Abraham Storyteller: Creating an imaginary world

Hi, my name is Abraham Velázquez Moraira, and ever since I was a child, I’ve been captivated by the magical world of stories.

I loved the bedtime stories my older brother told me, the adventures of the characters in the books I read, and the tales my friends and I invented during our games.

As time passed, my fascination with stories faded for a few years but reignited with the birth of my two daughters. Now that they are older, I realized I wanted to share my passion with a wider audience.

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I believe stories have no age limit.

I decided to create a place where I could write my own stories and share them with anyone who wants to read or listen. It’s also a way to preserve them forever.

And thus, “My Tales Corner” was born

In this blog, you will find a wide variety of original stories written by me, and you can even request a personalized story, crafted especially for you or someone special in your life.

Who am I?

My name is Abraham, but here, you will know me as Abraham the Storyteller.

What do I offer on My Tales Corner?

I offer a growing collection of stories and adventures so you have something to read or tell every day. I organize them in a way that makes it easy to find the type of story you want to read.

My goal is simple: to share my passion with those who can benefit from it.

If you are a parent or educator, these stories are ideal for reading aloud to children. Encouraging reading at a young age is crucial for intellectual and emotional development.

My stories are 100% original (some inspired by other tales), perfect for helping children develop their imagination and love for reading.

What are my stories like?

I’m an optimist and prefer simplicity. My stories, regardless of the theme, usually have a positive ending or offer a lesson. They are written in clear and simple language without excessive literary flourishes.

Although some are classified by specific age groups, I aim for all stories to be accessible to everyone, with simple vocabulary.

I’d describe them as minimalist stories, with depth in their messages and happy endings.

You can do this directly through this contact form:

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